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Zero markup

Zero Markup Client Hardware Pricing Policy


2n1 Tech serves as the IT Hardware purchasing department for many of its clients.  Our policy is to always be a steward for our clients.  This means that we do NOT add any additional markup to the hardware that we purchase on behalf of our clients.  Our goal is to find the most cost-effective option to purchase the needed hardware.


In some cases, with some hardware/software vendors, we have an agreement to be a reseller of their products.  We receive a discounted price, but are required to sell at MSRP and collect sales tax.  In these situations, 2n1 Tech will always choose to purchase the most cost-effective option available for our client, whether that is from our vendor, or Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy, etc. 


We also often opt to purchase high-demand items and keep in inventory.  We do this so that we can fulfill client orders more quickly.  This is especially helpful with pandemic supply chain issues.  In this situation, we may purchase a more expensive item from our internal inventory due to not being able to get the less expensive item within the required time frame.


The overall message is that 2n1 Tech will ALWAYS try to find the most cost-effective prices for our customers.  Whether that means purchasing from us directly, or from a larger hardware supplier.



-Spencer B Greer – Partner/CEO- 12/01/2022

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